Wednesday, 22 August 2012


I smile through my tears,
I hide my sadness in empty chatter,
And I fool everyone,
And I am so proud for having perfected,
This stony facade I use so often,
To shut the entire world out.

I shrug my shoulder dismissively,
And pretend that I don't give a damn,
Even though deep down I am hurting,
And I am so proud when everyone buys it,
They all say how strong I am.

When someone breaks my heart,
I recoil back in to my shell,
And build walls around my heart
I laugh, I dance, I pretend to be happy,
Just to cover the crumbling crashes of my heart,
And I almost laugh out loud,
When the whole world believes it,
They say I have a heart of stone,
That can not be swayed or crushed,
They envy me,

I smile through my failures,
I smile through my pain,
Late at night I cry,
Because I have fooled everyone,
Even the people I love,

All I want,
Is for someone to look a little closer,
And see the pain I hide inside,
For someone to tell me it's okay to hurt,
That it is okay to be human.
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