Wednesday, 22 August 2012


I smile through my tears,
I hide my sadness in empty chatter,
And I fool everyone,
And I am so proud for having perfected,
This stony facade I use so often,
To shut the entire world out.

I shrug my shoulder dismissively,
And pretend that I don't give a damn,
Even though deep down I am hurting,
And I am so proud when everyone buys it,
They all say how strong I am.

When someone breaks my heart,
I recoil back in to my shell,
And build walls around my heart
I laugh, I dance, I pretend to be happy,
Just to cover the crumbling crashes of my heart,
And I almost laugh out loud,
When the whole world believes it,
They say I have a heart of stone,
That can not be swayed or crushed,
They envy me,

I smile through my failures,
I smile through my pain,
Late at night I cry,
Because I have fooled everyone,
Even the people I love,

All I want,
Is for someone to look a little closer,
And see the pain I hide inside,
For someone to tell me it's okay to hurt,
That it is okay to be human.
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Saturday, 18 August 2012


Long ago and far away
I dreamed a dream one day
And now that dream is here before me
Long the skies were overcast
But now the clouds are passed
You are here at last
Chills run up and down my spine
Aladdin's lamp is mine
The drea i dreamed was not denied to me
That all i longed for was you

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Friday, 17 August 2012


This poem is for a dear friend that I lost.

It is a year and a half past,
Since you let out your last breath,
How life was taken from you was so unjust,
But then God said we will all return to dust,
When it is dusk and everything is cast.

In you I had a true friend,
With you I could never pretend,
Wrong doing you would never defend,
And vengeance you would always contend,
For you said payback was always around the bend.

You gave me a gift of laughter,
You said love made everything lighter,
And caused all our sorrows shatter,
Amidst all our banter.
Because of this we will never be asunder.

Every time I think of you,
All I remember is your smiling eyes,
Your ridiculous walk,
You said I could achieve anything,            
If only I believed in myself,
I wish I could tell you thank you,
But its too late for me.

All I can hope for,
Is that you are at a better place,
That you are looking down on me,
And you can see how much I miss you.

Rest in peace my beloved friend,
I will always carry you in my heart,
We loved you but God loved you more,
And so I celebrate your life,
Even as I mourn your demise.
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Sunday, 12 August 2012


I have a stalker in the form of a ghost,
Not a ghost of the ordinary kind,
But a ghost that looks the other way,
So that I cannot see the face,
I do not know what to call it,
If to call it a he or a she or what,

I know not the reason he follows me around,
He never says anything,
But every time I see him,
I have a heavy feeling in my heart,
A feeling that I need to face my fears,
That I need to let go of all my anger,
Anger against myself,
To forgive myself of that mistake,
That I still punish myself for everyday,
To forgive all those that wronged me,
To let go of all anger,
To turn over a new leaf with love,
This ghost that looks the other way,
I learned, is my conscience
Telling me that to move forward,
I have to look back and forgive all wrongs.
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Wednesday, 8 August 2012


This is not goodbye,
Maybe just for now,
But definitely, not goodbye,
We may have given up hope,
We may have set on different paths,

But we are soul mates,

Deep down in our hearts,
Embers of passion still flicker,
Refusing to die out,
Hoping against all odds,
That one day it will burn brightly,
As its supposed to.

This is not goodbye,
Maybe just for now,
Our hearts are like birds of migration,
They go far and wide,
For long spans of time they fly,
Away they fly,
But they always know,
Where home is,
And when it's time to go back.

Our love is like a tree in the winter,
That withstands the cold blizzards
Knowing that summer will be bright and warm,
That when spring comes,
New shoots of life will sprout,
And it will be worth their while.

The storm will pass,
And a dazzling dawn awaits,
So go forth for now,
You will be back,
Cause home is here,
Where our hearts abide together,
This I say is not goodbye,
Adios my love.
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When the sun sets for me,
When it is dusk and everything has been cast,
When the curtains falls for me,
When the music slowly fades away,
Will there be a standing ovation,
Or deafening silence.

When the sun sets for me,
I want a celebration,
Of the life I lived,
I hope I leave behind a legacy,
Something for the world to remember me by,
I do not want long eulogies,
Echoing lies of what should have been,
I want to touch somebody's life,
So that at least one person will smile,
When they think of me.

I don't want to be forgotten,  
I don't want to be,
Just another beautiful girl who lived,
A mere statistic amidst many,
I hope, I pray,
That when the sunsets for me,
I would be proud of me,
Wherever people go,
When their time is past.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


I don’t know what it is about you,
That makes me want you everyday,
We are all wrong for each other,
But I still want you.
When you speak to me,
All I do is watch your lips,
And wonder how they will taste,
When they finally caress mine.
When we hug goodbye,
My mind is a million miles away,
My thoughts run wild,
I can’t help but wonder,
How your hands will feel on my bare skin,
When you finally touch me.
And when I sleep,
I never fail to dream,
Of you and me forever,
And I never want to be awake.
But when you are away my heart grows heavy,
At thought of not seeing you soon,
But, You know not of this
Because yours is a tough love.
I fell for you,
Even though I knew it would never be,
And I have made my peace with that,
But I couldn’t help my self.
And even today,
What I feel for you grows stronger,
With every passing moment.
We come from different worlds,
As different as heaven and earth,
Maybe one day you will know,
Maybe one day I will tell,
Maybe I will take what I know,
To my grave,
And you will never know.
Do you even have a clue?


Today I saw a lady
Dressed in flowing white
 Her face hidden in a veil
Walking down the aisle
In church full of flowers
All bright in full bloom
Everything was all glitters and gold
With everyone in their finest
Her face alive with happiness
And her dazzling smile
Lit the pretty face
Into a kind of serene beauty we only dream of
Or hear of in fairy tales
Today I danced with merriment
And shouted in glee
As the lady in white
Twirled and tossed and turned
I dance to a tune unknown
To the beats of love around the air
And saw the beauty in others
And I couldn’t help but wonder
Will my day ever come?


The last thing I told you the last time I saw you
It was mean it was cruel
I forgot all the beautiful things about you
I just magnified the little weaknesses that made you human
I took for granted all your sacrifices for me
And belittled you in a moment of fury
I never meant them anyway
Even though at that very moment I probably did
But you are the best mama in the whole wide world
And I want to come home

Many days I sat in loneliness
Thinking of what was and what could have been
But my pride would never let me, I let you walk away
When I was out of my luck, and needed you strength
You held my hand and together we weathered the storm
You were more than a friend to me
A firm rock amidst sinking sand
And I can do this no more
And so today am putting everything down
And I am coming home

For long now my soul has been wondering
For anything that will make me feel complete
Deep down I always knew what it was
But the rebellion of youth and the seductive allure
Of shinny lights and moments of reckless abandon
 Made me turn away to sample the delights
But you kept calling relentlessly from the cross
With scarred hands and a pricking crown
Even with your eyes full of pain and blood trickling down your face
You still called out to me and forgot about your pain
And so to today, all I want
All I want is to come back home