Friday, 31 May 2013

Respect my Hustle

I see you
Yes you
With your haughty eyes
And you spiteful smile
You hide yourself in fancy clothes
And drive flashy cars
You  dine in lavish restaurants 
And sleep in water beds
Then you think you are a better human being than me
You look down on me
Like the poop on the side walk
You look at my clothes and cringe in distaste
I hold my head high as i walk
And you ask yourself
What is she so proud of????
You laugh as I budget to the last coin
All you do is make a call
Then you say poor her
And I think
Poor you
what I have is mine
I worked for it with my intelect and my skill
Not on my back with my legs in the air
It may be a skill yes but one that fades
Or till the next one comes
So go on and laugh
I will have the last laugh

modern day slavery

she lays her head to rest
fatigue catching up at last
like she knew it would
she longs for relief
but non is in sight
long gone are the days
when evenings were a time for rest
toiling everyday 
with little thanx from anyone
little returns will not justify
her sweat and toil
she labors on
there is really no choice
she wakes and sighs
hope tomorrow is a better day
for now she slaves

Thursday, 30 May 2013


A toast to me
To the love that never was
To the hopes that died
To the memories I cheriesh
To the laughs I had
To the tears I shed
To the secrets I hold
To the strengths I enjoyed
To the struggles I overcame
To the dream I still hold
To the future unkown to me

To me
To the women like me

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