Wednesday, 25 September 2013


So today I went to my mums office all worked up and bitter about everything that sucked in life. Starting with Westgate Mall  saga to my under paying job. I was mad at myself for not being so successful two years after my graduation and I felt she was not doing her best to help me get a better job since she knew so many powerful people. She looked at me rumbling without saying a thing but I suddenly saw the sadness in her eyes and the anguish she tried to hide and I immediately became ashamed.
I looked at her and noticed my handbag was new and gleaming while she was carrying her old bag from years back. I was so ashamed for my earlier outburst and wanted to hug her but people were there waiting to be served. Here was a woman who had sacrificed many things in life so that I didn't lack anything. I went to private schools and to a parallel program in the university. Here was a woman who was carrying an old bag probably because she is still paying for the loans she took to send me to school. The shame I felt couldn't allow me to look at her in the eyes.
As if that wasn't enough, she took me for lunch to this really nice hotel in town and quietly told me that seeing me sad only added to her anguish of seeing me slave in a job that didn't pay me well enough knowing that I was hard working and bright. ' You are still young, be patient something great will come your way soon' she said this while holding my hand before we parted ways.
I went home counting my blessings and I noticed that I was running out of fingers to count. All these were because of her but sometimes I get so caught up in my own world that i forget about the people who have been there for me through thick and  thin. Real heroes and heroines like my mother.