Friday, 17 August 2012


This poem is for a dear friend that I lost.

It is a year and a half past,
Since you let out your last breath,
How life was taken from you was so unjust,
But then God said we will all return to dust,
When it is dusk and everything is cast.

In you I had a true friend,
With you I could never pretend,
Wrong doing you would never defend,
And vengeance you would always contend,
For you said payback was always around the bend.

You gave me a gift of laughter,
You said love made everything lighter,
And caused all our sorrows shatter,
Amidst all our banter.
Because of this we will never be asunder.

Every time I think of you,
All I remember is your smiling eyes,
Your ridiculous walk,
You said I could achieve anything,            
If only I believed in myself,
I wish I could tell you thank you,
But its too late for me.

All I can hope for,
Is that you are at a better place,
That you are looking down on me,
And you can see how much I miss you.

Rest in peace my beloved friend,
I will always carry you in my heart,
We loved you but God loved you more,
And so I celebrate your life,
Even as I mourn your demise.
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