Wednesday, 1 August 2012


The last thing I told you the last time I saw you
It was mean it was cruel
I forgot all the beautiful things about you
I just magnified the little weaknesses that made you human
I took for granted all your sacrifices for me
And belittled you in a moment of fury
I never meant them anyway
Even though at that very moment I probably did
But you are the best mama in the whole wide world
And I want to come home

Many days I sat in loneliness
Thinking of what was and what could have been
But my pride would never let me, I let you walk away
When I was out of my luck, and needed you strength
You held my hand and together we weathered the storm
You were more than a friend to me
A firm rock amidst sinking sand
And I can do this no more
And so today am putting everything down
And I am coming home

For long now my soul has been wondering
For anything that will make me feel complete
Deep down I always knew what it was
But the rebellion of youth and the seductive allure
Of shinny lights and moments of reckless abandon
 Made me turn away to sample the delights
But you kept calling relentlessly from the cross
With scarred hands and a pricking crown
Even with your eyes full of pain and blood trickling down your face
You still called out to me and forgot about your pain
And so to today, all I want
All I want is to come back home