Wednesday, 8 August 2012


This is not goodbye,
Maybe just for now,
But definitely, not goodbye,
We may have given up hope,
We may have set on different paths,

But we are soul mates,

Deep down in our hearts,
Embers of passion still flicker,
Refusing to die out,
Hoping against all odds,
That one day it will burn brightly,
As its supposed to.

This is not goodbye,
Maybe just for now,
Our hearts are like birds of migration,
They go far and wide,
For long spans of time they fly,
Away they fly,
But they always know,
Where home is,
And when it's time to go back.

Our love is like a tree in the winter,
That withstands the cold blizzards
Knowing that summer will be bright and warm,
That when spring comes,
New shoots of life will sprout,
And it will be worth their while.

The storm will pass,
And a dazzling dawn awaits,
So go forth for now,
You will be back,
Cause home is here,
Where our hearts abide together,
This I say is not goodbye,
Adios my love.
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