Monday, 20 April 2015

Bon voyage

Today is a bleak day for us
Don't be sad if you are watching
It's only natural we mourn your passing
If you can see us don't be saddened by out tears
Its just a sign of the love you put in our hearts
It only shows that you will be missed
Its the wish that we met more often
Its the goodbye we never had a chance to say
So smile if you watching us
All who will gather today
Are people whose lives you touched
A husband, a son, and a grandson
A brother, a cousin an uncle and friend
You gave us your all
We can only say thank you
So rest in peace Dan
Your time with us was a blessing 
We will always miss you

Friday, 20 March 2015

The First

I love and i lost
I found the other part of me and I let it go
All those memories keep me company everyday
Even when i crave solitude
Sometimes they make me blush
Sometimes they make smile
Sometimes they make me angry
Sometimes I just don't know
I still dream of you
I still remember your scent
You were the very best
And I still let you go 
Whatever paths our lives take
You will always be my first love


My eyes shine with  happiness
My feet are quick to dance
Sounds of mirth escape my lips all day
My heart has never been this light
My being is in in a secret 
One that i know not of 
So I take this chance to swirl
And be happy
Cause for the first time ever
I feel i am home