Wednesday, 8 August 2012


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When the sun sets for me,
When it is dusk and everything has been cast,
When the curtains falls for me,
When the music slowly fades away,
Will there be a standing ovation,
Or deafening silence.

When the sun sets for me,
I want a celebration,
Of the life I lived,
I hope I leave behind a legacy,
Something for the world to remember me by,
I do not want long eulogies,
Echoing lies of what should have been,
I want to touch somebody's life,
So that at least one person will smile,
When they think of me.

I don't want to be forgotten,  
I don't want to be,
Just another beautiful girl who lived,
A mere statistic amidst many,
I hope, I pray,
That when the sunsets for me,
I would be proud of me,
Wherever people go,
When their time is past.