Thursday, 25 April 2013


I wake to take a walk,
Only to find myself in lost town,
A street only filled with emptiness,
Only the mourning wind breaks the silence,
I turn a corner and catch a fleeting movement,
The last piece of myself gone with it,
People I knew vanished from my life,
Taking their trust like hikers bag on their backs,
Turning round I see my scattered reflections,
On dusty and broken windows,
A shadow of what I think I was,In what was once a thriving town,
I want to go back,
But the streets turn into a maze,
Every turn I take is dead end,
The walls too tall to climb over,
I scream for help,
I only get echos of my own voice,
Over and over again,
I think I see a face in a window,
I take a second look but its gone,
I long to hear a different voice,
The howling wind seem to be mocking my loneliness,
My energy is all spent ,
I fall to the ground and hope to dream,
Of where I was  once,
Of who I used to be