Sunday, 12 August 2012


I have a stalker in the form of a ghost,
Not a ghost of the ordinary kind,
But a ghost that looks the other way,
So that I cannot see the face,
I do not know what to call it,
If to call it a he or a she or what,

I know not the reason he follows me around,
He never says anything,
But every time I see him,
I have a heavy feeling in my heart,
A feeling that I need to face my fears,
That I need to let go of all my anger,
Anger against myself,
To forgive myself of that mistake,
That I still punish myself for everyday,
To forgive all those that wronged me,
To let go of all anger,
To turn over a new leaf with love,
This ghost that looks the other way,
I learned, is my conscience
Telling me that to move forward,
I have to look back and forgive all wrongs.
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