Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Anger is all i feel
Pure searing anger
How can you say llife is fair?
How can you ask me to hold on to my pride
I have none left
How can I?

He danced while I cried
He swirled and turned in merriment
When I was sniffing and blowing my nose sore
I stayed awake weeping
He was awake chasing Njeri Chebet and Awuor
I remained faithful to the end
He was faithful to being a mans man
How can you ask me to let it go?

Anger is all i feel
When I remember how stupid my innocence was
When I remember how loyal I was
I feel stupid thinking how pathetic I seemed
To all his friends who new 
Ignorance is not bliss
How can can it be?

How can you say life is fair 
When he gallops away into the sunset
And disappears into the horizon of domestic bliss
While  I am left picking pieces of myself
Still wondering how a person can be so heartless
And yet you say life is fair
Where is karma when you need it?