Tuesday, 20 November 2012


He was a diamond among ordinary rocks

Rustic and  in need of polish

But a precious gem none the same

One easily ignored by an impatient eye

Especially in a society

Filled with numerous demands on time

Time for everything except the important

A society obsessed with labels and price tags

Everything picked out to be flaunted

Authenticity carries no weight no more

Just a brand oi fool the ordinary eye

Is it worth to be different?

To go for more than what meets the eye?

To go for your desires even if its not the brand expected?

Is it worth the whispers and the stares?

That will surely follow you around?

  Everydayis a battle

To pick the rustic gem

Or to pick the ordinary stones?

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Monday, 12 November 2012


Long flowing hair hid beneath a veil,
Curly lashes surrounding large almond eyes always down cast,
Too used to the strict rules of her world.

A faint sway of hips, concealed in a flowing skirt,
A sudden gust of wind reveals a leg carefully sheathed
All this too much for for an evil heart.