Friday, 28 September 2012


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The beauty of Africa
So simple, so pure
Unrivaled by none
Unfathomed by many
The look of innocence
The aura of happiness
The radiance of simplicity
The genuine smile of pleasure
Hair so thick and dark
Our clothes so full of color and splendor
Even the occasional sadness
Can never overshadow
The African beauty
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Sometimes I wish I could write,
Of typical stories I used to read,
If the beautiful African set up I grew up in.

I wish I could write,
Of smoke rising from grass thatched huts
Rising slowly against the dawning sky.

I wish I could write,
Of the mooing cattle being milked,
And the smell of fresh manure
Being shoveled from the calves pen

I wish I could write
Of the joy of riding on the back of a calve,
Or of the sound cow jumping into the cleaning dip
Or of the innocence of finding joy in these mundane escapades

I wish I could write
Of that old grandmother singing a tune,
A tune of what she has lived through
A tune known only to her

I wish I could write
Of women seated sowing gourds
As they muss over their children and husbands

I wish I could write all that
I could if I had lived through it
All I know about that
Is what i read and hear
What i can write about now
Is of skyscrapers made of glass
The droning roar of engines and hooting cars
I only see gourds hanging on walls
And thatched houses in the museum

Yet at one point
They were part of my culture, a part of me
So today I ask,
Where did our heritage go to?
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Sunday, 23 September 2012


This poem is for a pal I lost recently.The world may be too busy to notice but your pals, your family and I mourn your passing. WE LOVE YOU KAREN

I am angry at the world
Can it not feel my pain?
Why can't it stop?
Just for a minute
To feel my pain and mourn with me

Even as I mourn
The world dances with merriment
I cry my heart out in anguish
But the world laughs out with glee
When I have no where else to go
The world turns round and round
Without a trace of worry

My pain is my own
So I have learned
The world, I've realized
Is too busy to give a damn
My loss is mine alone to bear
My grief is mine alone to carry
The world is too preoccupied to notice

So I wipe my tears dry
But my heart still weeps for you
I am not the world
I am me
And caring for you is all I know
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Thursday, 20 September 2012


Sometimes God tests us
In ways we can never fathom
Yet we are strong with him
But like melting wax alone

We loose those we love
And the world seems to be at a stand still
With no hope
Only despair
Yet he says that we go through hardship
So that his glory may be seen in us
The creator of all creation
The giver of life
Works in ways man can never understand
Yet he expects us to trust him
In the good times and the bad
For he promised that he has a plan
For each and everyone of us
And that he will never abandon us.
In moments like this
I pray that we may accept wt has happen
Because we will never understand why

R.I.P Karen Eve
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Saturday, 1 September 2012


I see you and I sigh,
You are the epitome of maleness,
The pinnacle of raw beauty to my eyes,
And i hope that everyone will understand,
Why I want to be your everything.

I want to be the girl of your dreams,
The one that makes your fantasies come to life,
I want to be your pure temptress,
I want to be you tantalizing angel,

I want to be the one you give your ring,
I want to be the one to share your last name,
I want to be the face you smile to every morning,
I want you to call me mine.

I want to be the one you reach out to,
While at your best and your worst,
I want to be your reason for living,
I want to be the thought that brightens your day,
I want to be your rock.

So let me sleep,
Do not wake me up,
For in my dreams,
I am all that and so much more,
So let me sleep,
I do not want to wake up.
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