Monday, 18 February 2013


I picked a rose
Petals beautiful and soft
The sent mildand alluring
Unlike other roses
This one is a master piece
Matured to perfection
It has no thorns
The stem smooth and long
It fits in my palm pefrctly
Like a missing piece of a puzzle

Can anyone blame me for picking it up?
From thousands so ordinary
Maybe because its perfect
Or maybe
Its because I simply want to own something beautiful
With days I know decay will come
To claim what its owed

But till then
I am holding on to it
While its still fresh
Breathing in the sensual sent everyday
Basking in the fragnance so pure
So pure its almost toxic
Tomorrow the sun will rise
And my rose will be no more

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Wednesday, 13 February 2013


A day will come
When we will walk hand in hand
Along a white sandy beach
We will walk for a while then stop
I'll say I'm cold
And you will put a loving arm around me
I will rest my head on your chest
And whisper a little prayer
For the one above us
For giving you to me
Around us
Millions of cupids will be flying
Aiming their arrows and releasing then
What will you be thinking?

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Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Maybe one day
Maybe on a different platform
Maybe then will we be
The people we want to be
To feel the way want to feel
But for now
We are just beings
With a weakness in the form of a heart
That rules with an iron fist
Dictating everything about us
We are just but victims to its whims
Like so many before us
I could apologize
But really its not my fault
Maybe another day
Maybe another platform
Till then, so long

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Sunday, 10 February 2013


Its a bright dawn
I am a small child
Crawling on my knees,
My form too weak to support my frame

Now am six
Curious about everything
I still believe am the princess
And my father a king
And my humble home a majestic palace

I turn twelve years old
Am on the verge of puberty
A little unsure about this and that
Ever since I learned the truth
That princesses only exist in Britain

The sun is overhead and I am 18
Torn between adolescence and maturity
Shyness gives way to quite grace
A little love here and there
A broken heart every once in a while

Yestarday I turned 24
I realised that fairy tales are just stories
That we have to right our own
And decide how they end

Next I will be thirty
Maybe I will be a mother or a wife
Or maybe I will still be here
waiting to write yet another chapter

Then it will be dusk
When I can write no more
I would leave this task to someone
Hopefully a son or a daughter
Maybe it would a spouse
I hope its not a friend
That would mean I went wrong somewhere

So for now my hands hover
On a page fresh and blank
Waiting for words to come
Before dusk is here

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Thursday, 7 February 2013


Many years have passed
Numerous memories made
some treasured
Some not so much
I bask in the good ones
And cringe at the thought of the ugly ones
But now is a dawn
A dawn like no other
With renewed hope in my heart
And courage without bounds
I step out
I am ready to move on
I leave the pain of knowledge
That once tormented my soul
I embrace the unkown
Like a long lost lover now foundIt scares me no more
Today i leave the dead weight behind me
Its time to let go
Time to give a chance something new
Watch me fly high
High enough to reach the mountain tops

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