Monday, 20 April 2015

Bon voyage

Today is a bleak day for us
Don't be sad if you are watching
It's only natural we mourn your passing
If you can see us don't be saddened by out tears
Its just a sign of the love you put in our hearts
It only shows that you will be missed
Its the wish that we met more often
Its the goodbye we never had a chance to say
So smile if you watching us
All who will gather today
Are people whose lives you touched
A husband, a son, and a grandson
A brother, a cousin an uncle and friend
You gave us your all
We can only say thank you
So rest in peace Dan
Your time with us was a blessing 
We will always miss you

Friday, 20 March 2015

The First

I love and i lost
I found the other part of me and I let it go
All those memories keep me company everyday
Even when i crave solitude
Sometimes they make me blush
Sometimes they make smile
Sometimes they make me angry
Sometimes I just don't know
I still dream of you
I still remember your scent
You were the very best
And I still let you go 
Whatever paths our lives take
You will always be my first love


My eyes shine with  happiness
My feet are quick to dance
Sounds of mirth escape my lips all day
My heart has never been this light
My being is in in a secret 
One that i know not of 
So I take this chance to swirl
And be happy
Cause for the first time ever
I feel i am home

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Kenyan Heros

The lay under the foreign sun
Beneath the scorching sun
Their mourns echoing in the desolate valley
All waiting to breathe their last

Away went the smoking guns
Bobbling up and down on the herders back
Desperate tears and heart felt pleas
Of broken fathers and scared sons
Bounced off on a hardened heat

There they lay
Knowing death was certain
But still hoping for a chance
To say I'm sorry
To say I care
To say thank you
To say good bye

On foreign soil their blood seeped
They died for their country
Alone in a forsaken valley

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Anger is all i feel
Pure searing anger
How can you say llife is fair?
How can you ask me to hold on to my pride
I have none left
How can I?

He danced while I cried
He swirled and turned in merriment
When I was sniffing and blowing my nose sore
I stayed awake weeping
He was awake chasing Njeri Chebet and Awuor
I remained faithful to the end
He was faithful to being a mans man
How can you ask me to let it go?

Anger is all i feel
When I remember how stupid my innocence was
When I remember how loyal I was
I feel stupid thinking how pathetic I seemed
To all his friends who new 
Ignorance is not bliss
How can can it be?

How can you say life is fair 
When he gallops away into the sunset
And disappears into the horizon of domestic bliss
While  I am left picking pieces of myself
Still wondering how a person can be so heartless
And yet you say life is fair
Where is karma when you need it?

Monday, 21 April 2014


It was meant to be a victory
But all this is a mockery
What happened to the bravery
They promised a tantalizing mystery
It all turned out to be misery

It all starts with the promises
then the betrayals in the premises
not even sparing the offices
It was all written on the notices

They laugh at the brokeness
They say its the stupid innocence
They claim all the naughtiness
Is just a part of the business

Its not for all this marriage
Neither is it for weak hearts this carriage
It demands only courage
Not a soul with a bandage
Otherwise it only be bondage

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Cycle of life

As sure as the sun rises,
So will it set
As sure as we were born,
So shall we die
As sure as we laugh
So shall we cry
As sure as we dance
So shall we mourn
As sure as we meet
So shall we part
Its all part of nature

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