Saturday, 27 October 2012


 So today I was feeling really sorry for myself for having been rejected from this college I wanted to join for my masters and decided to read through peoples blogs. I have this reading list that  I had actually never read and so today I decided to actually do that and I found this nice story from my friend's blog Plus+254 Kenya: LOVE AND TIME HAVE TO GO HAND IN HAND. 
Everyone in the world is obsessed with love. The rich and the poor long to be loved with equal measure yet no one really understand the concept of love.Our hearts, when it comes to love act like they have their own minds.
Sometimes you find yourself feeling miserable and lonely. Wishing you had a special someone to go eat ice cream with but it seems you are alone. The funny thing is that there could be several people waiting for you to call to ask them out cause they are just in love with you. The sad thing is you feel nothing for them and when you try make yourself love them, you end up resenting them. Chances are you also like some one who is also not into you and the sad cycle continues.
why is love so complicated??????