Monday, 8 October 2012


My mind is a battle field,
Two hound are fighting visciously
Over and over again
One large, dark and sinster
Mean,arrogant and selfish,
The other one,
Lean, white and gentle,
Sweet, kind and faithful,
I am rooting for the white one
I champion for him loudly
Over and over again I call out,
Hoping that my voice will gve him strength,
Because it is me he is fighting for
Fighting for my presevation from sure destruction,
But somehow the dark one keeps winning,
My calls somehow makes him stronger,
And for a moment all i can hear ,
Are the fading whimpers of the white hound.
And I can feel my heart die inside.
Somehow I know I am to blame,
Then I hear this voice,
Telling me there is still hope,
Asking me to make a choice,
It's all inside you, it whispers to me,
Feed the white dog,
Make him stronger,
Starve the dark hound and he will be no more,
With that my mind is at peace,
The battle has been won

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