Saturday, 27 October 2012


Every night I close my eyes to rest I dream,
I dream of my country Kenya,

I dream of a Kenya free of hunger,
I dream of a Turkana rich in harvest.
I dream of a dessert filled with water projects
I dream of tall silos filled with grain,
I dream of the capital city,
Shimmering with lights of a booming 24 hr economy
I dream of hospitals with empty beds,
And schools filled with children laughing happily

I dream of clean markets,
And smooth clear high ways,
no more bumpy rides on overcrowded matatus
Every night I dream a boundless dream

Every night I close my eyes to rest I dream,
Of a parliament of only a handful,
Of leaders transparent and just,
I dream of tribal  unity,
Where we are simply Kenyans,
I dream of peaceful elections,
And the voting in of leaders with integrity,
No more ethnic supremacy,

I dream of happy geriatrics,
happy because they are well taken care of,
I dream of peaceful religious coexistence
Where Hindus, Muslims and Christians compliment each other

I dream of the youth thriving on their innovations,
Of talents flourishing in the society,
I dream of a happy  farmer, banker. driver, mother and son

I dream of a happy Kenya,
No hunger, no disease, no debt,
That is the Kenya for me.