Sunday, 16 December 2012

Beautiful Town Of Sorrow

Every morning they walk with sure strides
Men in clean starched shirts and matching ties
With the cuff links glinting in the early morning sun
At least for the bachelors obsessed with the latest trend
The ladies hold on to their large bags firmy
Walking daintly on high heels
Trying to reduce the clinking of the soles on the roads
Everyone smiling polite and anxious to get to work
All so beautiful and courteous
In a town so peaceful and clean
Yet a closer look reveals the rot
The dead look in peoples eyes
The population of lacking the wisdom of the old
Pain etched deep in peoples souls
Beneath the polite exchanges are wounds
Wounds that fester and refuse to heal
Evil was done here
To the world it has been ages ago
A record of an occurance put down in history
A destination for curious touristst
Those with a knack of hearing horror stories
To the habitants it seems just yesterday
When neighbour turned againist neighbour
That not even a child was to be spared
And a church a sacred place no more
Yet in some way they are all victims
A survivor who is forever stuck with memories of the horror witnessed
And a viliain haunted by the blood he shed
Yet all has been swept beneath the rug
Talks of what happened banned
So that people talk of it in hushed tones
It is a beautiful town
Built over dozens of hills
With beautiful people
But also filled with pain and anger
Biding time
One day it will all come forth

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