Sunday, 23 September 2012


This poem is for a pal I lost recently.The world may be too busy to notice but your pals, your family and I mourn your passing. WE LOVE YOU KAREN

I am angry at the world
Can it not feel my pain?
Why can't it stop?
Just for a minute
To feel my pain and mourn with me

Even as I mourn
The world dances with merriment
I cry my heart out in anguish
But the world laughs out with glee
When I have no where else to go
The world turns round and round
Without a trace of worry

My pain is my own
So I have learned
The world, I've realized
Is too busy to give a damn
My loss is mine alone to bear
My grief is mine alone to carry
The world is too preoccupied to notice

So I wipe my tears dry
But my heart still weeps for you
I am not the world
I am me
And caring for you is all I know
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