Saturday, 30 November 2013


In the depth of the abbys a falcon rose,
Strong, regal, beautiful- a sight to behold
A long cry from what was
A broken bird,
On the brim of sure death,
Eyes glazed with defeat,
A faltering cry,
A quiet wail for help,
A fledging spirit on the verge of giving up,
Then a tiny flame of resolve flickers
Flickers and burns bright
A resolve to restore
The true beauty of a falcon
A beauty robbedby arrogance and malevolence,
A trench of emotional turmoil,
Dug out by continous flow of scathing undertones,
Countinous undertones that eventually break,
Even hard rocks gives way to strong waves,
But no more,
Feathers preened,
Beautiful, firm and elegant
Perching with the head held high like on a pedestal,
A sure sign of defiance and strength,
She is a falcon after all

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