Monday, 12 August 2013

LIFE IN 2013

It is heading towards the end of the year. It is that month every Kenyan hates for one reason or another. well for me it's the extreme cold. Its such a bummer. For the country though, it is the month known for many national disasters both natural and man made (Don't get me wrong I am not a pessimist). May God protect us all through this dark month.

I was so glad when 2012 was ending. This year seemed so pregnant with hope and I was sure I was destined for greater heights before it came to an end(talk of hopeless enthusiasm... i blame it on the festivities.).  This is not to say that 2013 has been a total flop after all every good story must have a dark moment before the happy ending. Well mine is still being written and I am sure of a happy ending.

Am I where I wanted to be??? Not entirely but I am surely headed there. At least now I can say I a proud tenant and not mummy's little girl sleeping in the good old room filled with Neyo's posters; a strong reminder of my teenage crush. That was a good moment.

Then there was that day of awesomeness when my lovely sister walked down the aisle. I have been so proud of a person in my life. Being one of her maids was an honor too what can I say am a sucker for dresses that show off my long legs. I still remember aching the following day from all the dancing that and one hell of a hangover (I guess they were right in saying tequila is not a girls best friend). Oh and the cakes of course who doesn't like them.

My two little nephews Alvan and Nate. They are my heart's pride. They give the name Aunt a whole new meaning. The way their little lips curve into a smile when they see me never fails to make my heart fill with joy. Or the way they rest their tiny heads on my chest when they are tired or sleepy. They give the word love a whole new meaning. My friends always tell me to get my own children they don't understand that even if they were my own, I couldn't love them more.

 Finally my good friends. Always there to make life more interesting. Talk of good old house parties invited or not. You are always guaranteed to have a good time. I don't know if it is the cold food or the crazy xbox games or  the girls giving lap dances to the host. Then is the road trips you go for but end up getting lost  and you end up five counties away.

I can't really say the year has been smooth sailing all through. There is always that opportunity you lost or that person who made you mad. There is always that thing you feel could have turned out better or a day where everything seems to be going to hell. All this is part of life. It teaches us t appreciate the good times when have them and the courage to press through the hard ones. Like a good friend ones told me you may not be where you wanted to be but thank God you are not where you used to be