Thursday, 14 March 2013

He may not own a car.
He may not earn alot of money.
He may not live in a porsh estate.
He may not be able to shower you
with gifts all the time.
He may not have a great job.
But its enough to know you are the
only one.
He has a heart of gold.
He is Honest.
He is very hardworking.
He is humble.
He keeps that smile on your face.
He talks to you everyday.
He actually listens to you.
He tolerates you when your moody.
His family knows you.
He tells you your beautiful all
He sees you every chance he gets.
He appreciates the tinyest things
you do.
He is there when you need him.
He Respects you.
He is proud you are his and likes
showing you off.
And he treats you like a queen.
He may not have it all now, but one
day he will...
He may not be living his dream
now, but one day he will..
And as He pictures all this..

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